Chiefs Should Handle Mediocre 49ers

Chiefs vs. 49ers, 4:25 ET

Well, I was wrong about the Chiefs last week. It wasn't that I thought they were going to win, but I thought that they were going to score a bunch of points against the Bills. Or, at least the Bills would score a bunch of points against them. Either way it didn't happen. The 49ers have been up-and-down all year and last week was certainly a down.

The Chiefs come into the game off of their second loss of the season. When the Chiefs lose, it tends to be in clusters. Over Patrick Mahomes career, they've lost two games in a row in basically every season - 2020 was an exception. That doesn't mean they will lose to the 49ers, but it is something to consider. If you watch the Chiefs, they have one very distinct thing that almost no one else does. When they start to score, they really don't stop. There can be times for them to start scoring, but once it comes, it is an onslaught. This is the same thing that happened to San Francisco when the two played in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs finally figured out their defense and then were able to get what they wanted and captured the championship. The Chiefs defense does look better this year too which provides some additional confidence.

The 49ers didn't look good last week against the Falcons. I understand that Atlanta can be a tough place to play, and the Falcons look better with Marcus Mariota under center. Still, if the 49ers want to be a championship-contending team they need to win games like that. Now they have the Chiefs coming to town and it obviously doesn't get easier for them. If you're going to tell me that they will need to win a shootout against Patrick Mahomes, I'll tell you there is no shot. They don't have the offensive firepower to keep up. If they are going to win this game, they need the defense to be at its best. Even then it might not be enough.

You aren't going to find many games that the Chiefs are less than a field-goal favorite. This is a little bit of a nod to the 49ers defense, and also a bit of recognition that San Francisco might want some revenge from the Super Bowl loss a few years ago. I'm taking Kansas City -2.5 in this one. Could be a trap and too good to pass up, but I'll fall for it.

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