Cardinals Can Cover Against Seahawks

Seahawks vs. Cardinals, 4:05 ET

If you told me at the beginning of the season one of these teams would be 3-5 and the other would be 5-3, I would've assumed that you meant the Cardinals would be above .500, and I probably would've been surprised that the Seahawks even had three wins on the season. But, here we are and the teams get a chance to face each other.

Seattle's resurgence is actually fun to watch. It wasn't that I thought their offense had no playmakers or anything, it truly was that I expected Geno Smith to be straight trash. He isn't, he's been really good and has protected the ball significantly more than I expected he would for the year. Smith is spreading the ball around well and the team seems to be very supportive of him. There are small leaks lately that make you think that there were bigger issues with Russell Wilson, too. While they were known for their good defense for years, they don't have the same edge they used to. There have been some improvements for them over the last three games, with them allowing fewer than 23 points in all three.

The Cardinals have looked good in one game. It was against the Eagles and they lost that game. I don't care that they lost the game, they held the Eagles to just 20 points and were in it to the very end of the game. Since that game, they lost to Seattle in Seattle, beat New Orleans at home, and then lost on the road to the Vikings in a game that was still ultimately a one-score game. Kyler Murray now has his best receiver back and the connection has already been established. That might make a big difference for this game, too.

The Cardinals are not a good team and look a bit unmotivated on the whole this season. However, they do seem to be playing better now and look more interested in winning. With Hopkins back in the fold they are playing better and the offense has improved. I'm taking the Cardinals to cover this game. The Seahawks are playing well, but I don't think that it helps they have to travel for this one. I'm taking the Cardinals -2.

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