Bettor Makes Huge Wager On Unemployed Wide Receiver To Lead NFL In Touchdown Catches

Each and every NFL season bettors decide to make wagers that leave everyone with a brain scratching their heads. We all probably have one bet in mind that sticks out as the wildest we've ever seen, but this wager someone made on an unemployed wide receiver to lead the NFL in TD catches may take the cake.

Will Fuller is currently a free agent, but despite the man not being on an NFL roster, one bettor decided to throw down $1,500 on him to lead the league in touchdown catches this season.


Given the fact that Fuller is unemployed, the bettor received incredible odds at 500-1, but this is quite literally lighting money on fire.

I would honestly have a tough time wagering $10 on Fuller to catch a single pass this season with him not currently on an NFL roster, yet this bettor thinks the man is going to lead the entire league in TD snags.

Fuller's career-high in touchdown catches came in 2020 with the Houston Texans when he hauled in eight TDs. Davante Adams led the league in touchdown catches that season with 18.

Maybe this bettor knows something we don't know, or maybe they think Fuller is someone else, but even if Fuller does sign with a team soon, this looks like a truly asinine bet.

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