Bet the Warriors at Even Money for NBA Playoffs

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Despite what LeBron supports, then doesn’t support, the NBA Playoffs Play-In Tournament is almost here, and he likely will be involved. If the Lakers are in, I am willing to guarantee they get one of the playoff spots. That leaves the Warriors, Grizzlies, and Spurs or Pelicans fighting for the last spot. 

In case you haven’t noticed, Steph Curry has been on one of the most remarkable runs that I’ve seen in recent years. He is arguably the only good and consistent scorer on the team (Wiggins is trash), and the defense still cannot stop him. The Grizzlies and Spurs are both decent defensively, but neither is equipped with someone who can keep Curry from leading the Warriors past them. 

On FanDuel Sportsbook, they are currently +100 to make the playoffs. Can the Warriors beat the Lakers in a one game showdown? Of course. It is unlikely, though. If the Lakers move up to the sixth seed, I like the Warriors to beat Portland in a one game playoff. My personal rooting interest is to see Lillard and Curry go back and forth in a one-game battle. The winner of that seven vs. eight seed game goes to the seventh seed. The loser plays more for the tournament. 

So, let’s suggest for a second here that the Warriors lose that game. They would then play the Spurs or Grizzles (as standings sit currently) for the eighth seed. The Warriors are 2-1 against the Spurs and 1-1 against the Grizzlies, with one game pending at the end of the season. Can they emerge from what looks to be a three-team race for the eight seed? 

At even money, all they need to do is hold onto their current spot and then win one of the two games they may have to play.  At this point, they are likely to be favored in any game against the Grizzlies or Spurs. I’m comfortable playing this as a multi-unit play that the Warriors take the last playoff spot at +100. If I’m nervous or want to, there might be opportunity to hedge before the game or in-game on their opposition.