Bears Offense Will Keep Rolling

Lions vs. Bears, 1 ET

If you're in Chicago, like I am, the optimism is palpable for the Bears. Why? Great question. It is basically because Chicago Bears fans like to torment themselves. They are under the assumption that Justin Fields is now going to be a great quarterback. In Detriot, there was some hope at the beginning of the season, but that seems to be out the window.

I expected Detroit to be a better team than they are because I expected their defense to improve. They aren't stopping anyone on defense. Well, that is anyone except for the Packers. That win last week came after losing five straight losses. In what was the most shocking part of the victory is that the Packers only scored 9 points in the game. The Lions had been allowing at least 24 points in every other game. The Bears offense doesn't look great, but they are probably better than what the Packers are putting out there right now. I can't believe I actually wrote that sentence, but this season has been wild so far.

The Bears lost last week to the Dolphins. It wasn't a great game from the Bears defense, which is still their strength. However, the big story, as mentioned, is that their offense looked competent. Justin Fields did a little bit of everything with 178 rushing yards and a touchdown, but most importantly, he found his receivers for three touchdowns too. Considering he only has 10 touchdowns for the year, getting 30% of the touchdowns in one game is significant. He will need to take some time to connect with Chase Claypool, but the offense should improve. I do also have concerns about the fact that he doesn't throw the ball very far down the field. The Dolphins defense isn't great, so the Bears should be able to move the ball on offense.

I think the Bears actually can take this game. Maybe I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, but I do think if you're going to get two games in a row that allow your offense to take shape, playing against the Lions and Dolphins is a good recipe for that. Play the Bears at -2.5.

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