Back the Under in Titans vs. Packers

Titans vs. Packers, 8:15 ET

Thursday Night Football finally has two teams that you would've been excited about at the beginning of the year. Both were expected to be playoff teams. One, the Titans, will be in there, and probably lose their first game. The Packers will need to reel off some wins immediately.

Did the Packers turn a corner last week? After losing their previous five games, they took down the Cowboys at home and were able to escape with a 31-28 victory. The 31 points are the first time all season that they've scored more than 30 points on the year. On the season, the Packers are only averaging 18.5 points per game. Their offense is still putting up 368 yards per game, but they aren't converting all of those yards into many points. Their defense isn't even that bad. On defense, they are allowing just three scores per game. They are slightly worse in rushing defense - which is bad news for a team that has to try and stop Derrick Henry.

The Titans are not a team that I like. I've made this no secret in the years I've been sharing content for OutKick. I think they are decent during the regular season, but again they tend to play only one half of effective football. This year has been slightly better because their defense seems to have improved. On the year, they are allowing just 18.7 points per game. They do allow 380 yards per game to opponents, but in three of their past four games they've only given up 10 points. Even the other game they only allowed 20 points to the Chiefs in Kansas City. They can be attacked through the air, which would be bad against Aaron Rodgers, but he has no one to throw the ball to anymore.

This game will probably be a struggle for both teams on offense. I see Rodgers having an opportunity to get the Packers another win, but the Titans defense has been good. I'd expect the Titans to rely on Henry to run early and often, but the Packers might just dare the Titans to throw on them. I'm thinking this game is probably an under and will play it at 41 points.

This also screams to me that the first score will be a field goal. That is at +115. I'll double (or triple it depending on how you look at it) down on it with Home Field Goal +320 and Away Field Goal +330 as first score. If it is a touchdown, we lose, but a field goal gives us 3+ units right away. If I had to put a play on first touchdown scorer, I'd take Henry at +450 and a sprinkle on Tannehill at +2500.

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