Astros Will Take Game 3 in World Series

Astros vs. Phillies, Game 4, 8:03 ET

We head to Philadelphia for the third game of the World Series. The Phillies did their part in taking one of the road games and the Astros were able to even it up. Now, the Astros must steal one on the road themselves to get back that "home-field advantage."

The series is exactly what I envisioned going into Game 3, but the bets I've placed haven't won. I expected it to be tied up going to Game 3. I didn't expect the Phillies to win Game 1 and I thought Zack Wheeler would be better in Game 2. In any case, the biggest thing I'm noticing is that the Astros are not struggling to hit the Phillies pitching. Other teams did struggle and that's one of the reasons that Philadelphia is even in the World Series. If the Astros can destroy the pitching of Wheeler and Aaron Nola, they have to be licking their chops for a chance against Noah Syndergaard.

For the Astros, they send Lance McCullers Jr. He's been fine in his two playoff starts. The first one was against the Mariners and he went six innings and allowed just two hits and two walks. That was the 18-inning game against Seattle. Then in his next start, he allowed four runs, three earned, over five innings to the Yankees. McCullers Jr. wasn't around for the entire year with the Astros, but he did make a start against the Phillies. In that game, he went six innings and despite allowing six hits, the most damage came from a solo home run.

Noah Syndergaard should be familiar with the Astros considering he started the year pitching in their division. He did face them twice before he came over to the Phillies and he covered 9.1 innings and allowed just three earned runs to them. Both of those starts came in Los Angeles where he was pitching very well. I'm guessing this will be more of a bullpen game or something because Syndergaard has only gone 5.1 innings over three games in the playoffs for the Phillies. He's been reliable, as he's only allowed one earned run, but if they expect him to turn in five innings it might be a bit of a stretch. Even his manager things three or four innings is more realistic.

I don't have faith that the Phillies will be able to stop the Astros from scoring in this game. I think the Astros win this game at -130. Syndergaard may throw a great few innings and the house will be rocking for the Phillies, but if the Astros can strike first - even with how many comeback victories the Phillies have - I think the Phillies will be in trouble. Take the Astros at -130.

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