All-Time Bad Beat Unfolds As Sure-Thing 'Under' Quickly Goes South In Bizarre Final Seconds Of Michigan Vs. Ohio State Game

Anyone who bet the 'Under' in Sunday's basketball game between Ohio State and Michigan is in shambles this afternoon after an all-time bad beat. The game went Over in absurd fashion with less than five seconds left.

As the 12-10 Wolverines hosted the 11-11 Buckeyes, the Over/Under hovered somewhere around 145. It opened at 144.5 and closed at 145.5.

No matter which number bettors took, they were either delighted or completely devastated.

With 21.1 seconds left in the game, Michigan held a 10-point lead. With no hope of a comeback, Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann called off the dogs. His team was done fouling.

At that point, the score sat at 77-67. 144 combined points would have hit the 'Under.'

Neither team was going to get another possession. The game was going to end at 144.


With 13.6 seconds left, Wolverines guard Kobe Bufkin walked while celebrating. The referee, rightfully, called the travel and gave the ball back to the Buckeyes.

As the Over/Under hung in the balance, Ohio State bricked a corner three with just under 10 seconds left. 144 was going to stand.


Michigan did not crash the boards. 6-foot-6 Buckeyes forward Justice Sueing came flying in and tipped the ball to his teammate. Zed Key right back went up and made an easy put-back as the clock wound down.

The made basket bumped the game's scoring total from 144 to 146. Where the Under was a lock with 21 second left, disaster for bettors hoping that the score would sit still proceeded to unfold.

Over bettors may have already turned the game off in disgust, only to find out that their bets cashed.

Under bettors have have already turned the game off in celebration, only to find out that their bets lost.

Brutal, brutal beat in Ann Arbor.