A Play Towards the Total in Texas vs. Kansas State

Texas vs. Kansas State, 7:00 ET

Texas is on the verge of dropping from the top-25 of college football but their program does seem to be headed in the correct direction. Kansas State has been good for a while now and even though they don't have the storied history of a Texas school, they have been successful for a few years now. This should be a fun game between to explosive offenses.

Texas is coming off of a bye week, which probably came at an inopportune time. They ended up losing their last game to Oklahoma State - a game they had control of for the first half and even some of the second. Their offense has looked good at times and others they seem to disappear. Texas might have two of the more competent quarterbacks in football, but I really like what I've seen from Quinn Ewers. Teams are obviously concerned with Bijan Robinson running all over them, which opens up space for their passing game. They've been pretty decent on defense as well, but when they play teams that are around the same level of production that the Longhorns are, they can be scored on.

Kansas State matches up very well with Texas. On the year, they are averaging 31 points per game and holding teams to 17 points. They just held Oklahoma State, the team that beat Texas to 0 points in the game they just played against each other. They held ISU to nine points, Texas allowed them 21 points. But, in favor of Texas, Kansas State allowed 34 points to Oklahoma and Texas shut them out. So there has been a scattering of results against mutual opponents. I do think they are at a bit of a disadvantage having to play this week and Texas coming off of a Bye week with the extra time to prepare. In a normal week, I'd expect this to be a pick'em.

Both of these teams have defenses that are capable of shutting teams down, even good teams. I think that the offenses match up pretty well. I don't have a great feel for which side wins. I'd probably say Texas because of the extra time to prepare. However, my play is on the total. I'm taking the over 54.5. It is a reasonable total for two teams that have strong offenses. I wouldn't be surprised to see overtime in this either which could help the cause.

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