A Look In the First Half of Sunday Night Football

Steelers vs. Dolphins, 8:20 ET

I will promise to not bet on the NFL next year if they let me make the primetime games. I understand that the Steelers are a popular team across America, but they aren't a good team. The Dolphins started hot then were hit (literally and figuratively) with injury. And, now, they should be getting Tua Tagovailoa back in the game. At least the Dolphins should be fun to watch.

The Steelers have a quarterback issue right now. Realistically, they came into the year with a quarterback issue. Anyone that is relying on Mitch Trubisky to be their starting quarterback is not going to have an ideal season. Kenny Pickett took over a few games ago and was knocked out of the last game with a concussion. He was back at practice and should be here for this game. He is completing a lot of his passes, but at least in his first few games, they aren't going very deep downfield at all. That's not a bad strategy as you're trying to get your rookie quarterback acclimated to the league. He was able to throw the first touchdown of his career against the Buccaneers last week before he left the game. The Steelers still have a good defense, but it isn't one that will stop everything, especially if Tua is at full strength.

The Dolphins started the season 3-0 and have since lost all three games that they played. Most of that is due to the Dolphins being hit with injuries as I've mentioned. Their defense, for the most part, has been tolerable. The Vikings and Dolphins squared off last week and it was just a one-score game, but again they didn't have the same quarterback play for the entire game. It could've been different if they did. Tyreek Hill has been awesome for them on the year and I expect him to have a big game once again. Even Jaylen Waddle has been strong as a second receiver - though on most teams he'd be a primary receiver. A lot depends on how Tua returns in this one, he might need to get used to the flow of the game to start.

I'm taking the under 22.5 in the first half of the game. My expectation is a somewhat rusty Tua - and even if he comes out and plays well, I don't see them scoring too much more than 17 points. I don't expect touchdowns from the Steelers either. I think the under in the first half is a good look. The over for the game could hit if the second half sees Tua play better and the Steelers make the adjustments needed offensively.

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