A First Half Play for Vikings vs. Bears

Vikings vs. Bears, 1 ET

Sometimes late in seasons, you need to figure out who is playing versus who isn't as the most important part of any game. In any game, it can be about who is on the field, but in ones like this, you have to be curious about what the team's motivation is or what they plan to do. As far as I know, everyone for Minnesota is playing, but the Bears are missing their only good offensive player.

The Vikings are literally a one-of-a-kind team this year. They have a negative point differential and are somehow 12-4. No other winning team has a negative differential. The Dolphins, Buccaneers, and Steelers are all 8-8 on the season and have negative differentials, but the Vikings are four games better than them, so it is kind of absurd. They've played a lot of close games when they win, but when they lose they tend to be blown out. I don't expect them to lose this week, but I also am not sure it will be a close game. I think at least in the first half, the Vikings will come out and try to put it on the Bears so they can get right for the playoffs. I look at this as if it is a tune-up game. Kirk Cousins played well against the Giants two weeks ago and brought the team back against the Colts (in historic fashion). I think we can see him and Justin Jefferson connect for some yards in the first half and Dalvin Cook as well. I don't think they can move up, or down, in the playoff standings. They should get a home game but I don't think they will get two.

The Bears season was a disaster. There really isn't a different way to phrase this. They went 3-13 and realized there are still numerous holes to fill on both offense and defense. After they traded away their best two defensive players this year, they basically stopped no one. Their offense revolved around Justin Fields, which is great and what they envisioned. However, it revolved around his legs - not something you want from your franchise quarterback. His rushing should be a bonus to his throwing. Now they've decided to shut him down, and while that makes sense that they would stop him from getting injured in a meaningless game, you have to wonder why they allowed him to run or play the past few weeks as well. So, the team turns to Nate Peterman. Peterman has three touchdowns in his five years in the NFL and 13 interceptions. It could get ugly fast.

I'm taking the Vikings -3.5 in the first half. This is probably going to be a multi-unit play for me as well. I'm confident in it. I really expect them to sit players and still expect them to cover the full game -7 on the road, but I'd hate to see a backdoor cover on something stupid. I just think the Bears will be overmatched by the Vikings looking to play hard for a half and escape injury free overall.

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