Best of Screencaps: Vicky Palacio Had A Huge Week, Clay Vs. LeBron & OutKick360 In Knoxville

This Week in OutKick

LeBron, more mask lunatics, more lunatics trying to change up the schools in the name of equity, woke lunatics doing their thing and Caitlyn Jenner throwing her hat in the ring to be the next governor of California. What a week it was. I’m sitting here at 6:45 on Saturday night writing this up because the weather is terrible and I’m due for a quiet Saturday night and all I can think of is that just when you think a week is going to be kinda under the radar and not much will happen, that’s when we get weeks like this.

One thing led to another and the OutKick shop is now selling ‘Taking My Talents To Beijing’ t-shirts to go along with the ’60 Minutes of Lies’ and ‘Faucism’ shirts. I’m telling you right now, those three shirts should result in free drinks at bars all summer long. You’re going to walk into a bar and people will be staring at you like they stared at Reggie Hammond in 48 Hours when he threw the shot glass through the mirror at Torchy’s bar and told the good ol’ boys he was looking for an Indian named Billy Bear.

Moving along, the OutKick360 crew was in Knoxville Saturday for the Vols spring game, and Chad Withrow had a little problem with moisture on his pants. The guy is an absolute warrior who battled the elements and then didn’t flinch when someone said it was time for a photo. That’s the OutKick difference right now. Elements don’t even faze us.

OutKick’s Bobby Burack had a big week. He disappeared one day and all of a sudden he resurfaces with a one-on-one with Tucker Carlson that wasn’t some fluff nonsense like most podcasts/interviews are these days. Tucker reveals some big-time stuff in here, including a part where he begged his kids to skip going to college.

I still say the goal for the marketing department should be to get Bobby on The View to go at it with Joy Behar and Whoopi. The guy is a rising star and he’s one View appearance away from launching him into a must-book guest across the major networks.

This week we’ll get down to business with the NFL Draft. I’ll head out to Cleveland Thursday afternoon to check in with the NFL superfans who should be all fired up after having to stay home last year. The only issue I see at this point: the early forecast is calling for a rainy week in Cleveland. Yes, the show will go on because the NFL/Browns built a massive covered arena, but the street antics could be washed out. Stay tuned there.

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