Best of Screencaps: Hyun-Ju Yoo Becomes A Star, Troy Aikman’s Abs & A Dottie Pepper Fart Investigation

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Happy Saturday morning to all of the Screencaps fans out there. We’re trying something new around here where I grab some of my favorite Screencaps of the week and throw them into one post to make a ‘Best of’ for those who can’t keep up with the content throughout the week. For the loyalists, you’ve already seen this material. For the new OutKick readers, this is a way to get used to the content and see what you’re missing on a daily basis.

We’ll see where this goes. Maybe we bring in guest editors to handle the Best of the Week series. Maybe I get an intern and he/she takes over this duty so I can play golf on Saturday this summer. Maybe we add some elements like a 30-minute podcast with someone who had a huge week in Screencaps.

The key here is to keep evolving and moving forward. See where it takes us.

Breakout Star of the Week:

This one is easy: Hyun-Ju Yoo. It’s not even close. I’d say the first message came in about 30 minutes after Screencaps went up from someone saying she’s a star in the making. And there you have it, our very first Korean Instagram model star of 2021.

Food of the Week:

For some reason I was all about the nachos this week, specifically nacho fries. Why? No clue. I rolled into work Monday morning and those nacho fries were talking to me at 6:45 a.m.

Former President at the Course Video of the Week:

Unless it’s an old video and it slipped by me at some point over the last few months, the Trump video where he’s encouraging the guy to keep hitting rockets off the tee is hilarious. I thought for sure social media lunatics would be passing that one around, but they had other wars to wage this week.

OutKick Odds & Ends:

Geraldo vs. Dan Bongino was a runaway success for the site this week. Like I was telling some of my co-workers, that was just great TV where those two went at it.

I was on Clay’s radio show Friday and the discussion turned to Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt, fraudulent ARod all miserable over losing JLo & Clay and I battle it out to name the top 10 most followed celebrity Instagram accounts.

OutKick’s Gary Sheffield Jr. made his OutKick360 debut to talk about Ronald Acuna running out a grounder. 360’s Paul Kuharsky wanted a piece of Sheffield as the show keeps evolving and OutKick personalities will likely start going at each other. This is great to see. I can’t wait to go at Kuharsky one of these days.

• And finally, don’t forget to get your 60 Minutes of Lies shirts from the OutKick shop. Those are going to be a hit when you roll into Florida on your next trip. You’ll probably drink for free when people see that shirt come through the door.

Sarah Hunter Loves Her Country, Twins Bring In A Fireballer & Danica Patrick Checks In All Happy

Best of Screencaps for April 12-April 16:

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Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

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  1. Not a best of without Officer Gaines.

    Cool concept though and it should help with new readers getting a feel for the caps. Maybe adding some form of voting during the week to bring out the true best of? A lot of these are supplied and I’m sure guest cappers should not be hard to find

  2. Not sure if I am in the right section of OutKick. Normally I would think those seeking fart related pop culture humor to have to have a separate VIP Max pay wall for super Edgy spicy trashy humor, I came here because I freaking cannot stand anything about ESPN because they are so woke they are no longer a sports network . While I like the commentary here , I am still interested in knowing what is going on in the sports world and do not really care for different pov of what ESPN is saying about what Lebron is saying about how great China is..,…you know your audience better than me., If the demand for pop culture and social media’s related fart humor and page three cream puff photos, perhaps there should not be a premium up charge for this? I love OutKick and all of the writers,,,just I see an opportunity to put ESPN out of their misery…they need to go the way of the vhs….

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