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As I told Clay Friday morning on his radio show, I LOVED the news that he went out and hired Holly Sonders to provide content. Why? I can’t get enough of the eccentrics of the world unless it’s in my marriage. Then I need slow & steady, take it one day at a time. But this is the content game and eccentrics make the content world much more interesting and unpredictable. That’s Holly.

The minute you tell Holly Sonders she’s going to be a sideline reporter/post-round golf host and that’s the minute she converts to a paid subscription model who banks 20 times what she was making at the Golf Channel.

Holly, a former fellow Ohioan, does it her way and that’s what I’ve always appreciated about her. Yes, I crushed her a little bit during her relationship with Vegas Dave, but in the end, that whole period was part of Holly’s master plan and it worked.

Now Holly’s Team OutKick. It’s time to see what she has up her skin-tight leather sleeveless dresses. As I told Clay, it’s probably time for me to book a trip to Vegas and document one random night out with Holly to see what it’s like in her world. I’m beyond fascinated by it all.

• Over on OutKick 360, I was happy to see Jonathan Hutton picking up some mulch on a Saturday. Tell me you’re Team Thursday Night Mowing League without telling me Hutton! Guys who touch up their mulch beds are 100% TNML members.

OutKick 360 Hutton mulch

• Looking for a job? I noticed the OutKick jobs board is starting to ramp up. The other day I noticed somewhere around 56 people on the OutKick slack channel. I’ve only met ONE of those 56 in real life — and that’s Clay. I will say some young, hungry employees are hammering away to make this site tick on a daily basis. Less than a year ago, one main guy was responsible for keeping the site running when huge bursts of traffic would crash the server. Now we have random IT guys I’ve never heard of answering tech questions. It’s quite impressive to see the guts of this operation come together compared to when I started June 1, 2020. At that point, we had one main editor, three full-time writers, Clay, and a video editor. Now there are social media people I’ve never heard of, video editing teams, and random marketing people sending me messages out of the blue.

• Clay is everywhere right now: video, radio, podcasts, written content, even chilling Mich Ultras. What an absolute grind for this guy.

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