Best Of Screencaps: Amanda Taylor’s Big Week, Ric Flair Fully Vaxxed & Jerry Jones Gets Blinged

This Week In OutKick:

Clay closed down a big week for the United States and its War on COVID by double-fisting Saturday night at some cover hairband show. You really have to love seeing so many suburbanites back to doing what they do best on Saturday nights: crush a few Claws, dance their hearts out and then regret it all Sunday morning when the kids start badgering them to get up and make the traditional Sunday morning biscuits and gravy.

But, Clay clearly knows the gravity of the moment and knows letting loose was necessary, especially as weirdos like AOC claim they’re going to keep on wearing masks after Biden’s CDC said vaxxed people are good to go. Most of these lunatics refuse to get on with life. Not Clay. He’s out there with the masses partying. Love to see it.

• Congrats to big OutKick supporter John-Allen Stone who graduated this week from Mercer and announced that he’ll be heading to Knoxville to pursue a Master’s degree and will join the Vols football program operations department. If an Internet operation drew up the ideal fan, John-Allen is right up there: young (those OutKick advertisers), involved in the sports world, not some indoctrinated lunatic, clearly likes to have fun, and loves college football.  This guy was in charge of the turnover chain at Mercer. Damn right he LOVES college football. Glad to have him as a fan of this site.

• We’re closing in on 30 days out from the Put-In-Bay 2-Club Invitational and the OutKick marketing department confirmed this week that the company will be shipping in some supplies for the June 19 outing. $35. You bring absolutely nothing. We supply the clubs, the tees, the balls, the beers, the seltzers. Just show up with some gambling cash. Mark that down on your calendar if you’re in the Ohio/Michigan/northern Indiana region and want to have fun. Pittsburgh’s approximately 3 1/2 hours away. Make a weekend out of that event. We even have a team of OutKick readers flying in from New Jersey so this should be a really good time.

• The OutKick 360 team celebrated Paul Kuharsky this week and his 30-year streak of not being punched even though he’s very punchable. That’s quite a run for Paul inside the sports world considering how different the world was before cellphones when Paul was a youngster in the biz. It’s almost hard to remember 12-14 years ago when people couldn’t grab 4k video with their phones. You’d think Paul would’ve been punched back in like 2006-07.

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I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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