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OutKick readers,

We were happy to bring most of the biggest names in media on OutKick this year for in-depth conversations. Because of your support, we have grown a platform that allows media personalities to open up in a way that they can on so few outlets. The conversations are authentic and often ominous given the state of the country.

As ways, please, let me know whom you want me to bring on in 2022.

Here are my conversations with Tucker Carlson, Megyn Kelly, Ben Shapiro, Jesse Kelly, and Matt Walsh:

Tucker Carlson

“I’m genuinely worried about the question of what unites us as a country. Our leaders are telling us it’s this thing called ‘equity.’ What is equity exactly? It’s not equality, it’s the opposite.”

“I love America, but if I were 22, I might look to see if there’s another place that’s going to treat me as an individual and not as a member of a tribe.”

“Oh, I would drop out completely. No question. I’m about to be 52. If I was 22, there’s literally no chance I would join some big company or work for the government. Or even some system with central control. That’s just a disaster. And, of course, the system is openly racist now. So depending upon your skin color, you know exactly what your chances of success are. It’s gross. I would opt out of it completely.”

Tucker Carlson Goes One-on-One With OutKick

Megyn Kelly

“The vast majority of the American people feel as we do, which is that this is bullshit.” “The only winning move is not to play. The only winning move is not to play.”

“You’re giving too much credit to these wokesters. They have not actually managed to capture all these industries. They’ve pressured them enough that they changed their public messaging.”

“The woke is an annoying, 10-11% group that can be stopped.”

Megyn Kelly One-on-One with OutKick

Ben Shapiro

“We have the White House telling Facebook to take things down. Now you’re looking at Facebook as an agent of the government.”

“What happens, for example, when credit card companies start saying, ‘You can’t use our credit card in order to access certain services because we deem this service racist or off-limits?'”

Ben Shapiro Goes One on One With OutKick

Jesse Kelly

“There are 10 victims for every successful person. The country has decided it will reward those who have successfully found a way to be a victim. If one can find a way, it builds their brand and their bank account.”

“LeBron lacks patriotism. He is spreading a racist, disgusting, divisive voice.”

“What we’re seeing in America now is simply communism rebranded.”

Jesse Kelly One-on-One With OutKick

Matt Walsh

“When you tell a child you can literally be anything you want to be, you take away what kids need to grow into who they are. You deprive them of their identity.”

“If your employer is forcing you to sit through some sort of racial brainwashing session — and so many employees are forced to do this sort of thing — you need to file a lawsuit to stop it.”

“We’re going to need to start seeing lawsuits.”

Matt Walsh One-on-One With OutKick

Much more to come in 2022.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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