Bernie Sanders — Yes, That Bernie Sanders — Is Concerned About Big Tech, Cites Trump Being Banned From Twitter

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Bernie Sanders, at the ripe age of 79, is finally admitting “cancel culture” is out of control. Ezra Klein of The New York Times sat down with Bernie to discuss how tech companies have too much power.

Check out the thread:

Obviously President Donald Trump is none of those things Sanders accuses him of being, but that last part is a glimmer of hope for common sense. “Do I feel particularly comfortable that the then-president of the United States could not express his views on Twitter? I don’t feel comfortable about that,” Sanders said.

Well you’re damn right, Bernie. You shouldn’t feel comfortable because tech companies just showed America that they can do whatever they want. And plenty of hard-working Americans thought Twitter would be punished as their stock plummeted over $1 billion in 24 hours after banning Trump from their platform.

Since then, Twitter and other social media platforms including Facebook have recovered from their terrifying tactics to silence conservatives. Americans basically just told these social media giants that we want to be in the loop so bad that we’ll follow any rule they make up on the fly, even those that destroy freedom of thought.

No worries, though, Bernie knows he’s already canceled

The reason Bernie sounds off about this injustice now is because he knows he’s not “controllable” enough to be the Democratic candidate. That crown was handed to Life Alert spokesman President Joe Biden. Democratic leaders would rather let a man who just lost a fight to a carpeted staircase be president than let Bernie get in front of a mic and utter what he did with the New York Times.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can shut down any of us at any given moment, and this power to cancel people needs to end. To Bernie’s credit, though, who thought a socialist leader would have the guts to spew what Donald Trump was arguing against last November? Maybe we all have more in common than we thought?

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. we do all have more in common that we think. People need to open their eyes. the elite are playing us against ourselves and controlling the narrative through social media.Good for Bernie for speaking out but I agree with Gary that Bernie has no shot at the democratic nomination anymore so he has nothing to lose. The elite democrats only pick candidates that the elites can control. obviously senile Joe Biden is the easiest to control of all.

  2. Bernie has only his greedy self to blame for never being the democratic candidate. He’s bought and paid for the by the establishment. He either doesn’t care anymore at his age, or he forgot he’s supposed to toe the Democrat party line [as an…Independant.]

  3. You’ve gone too far when Bernie Sanders and Bill Maher agree on the dangers of cancel culture and censorship. Tech, Far-Left Dems and woke sports leagues and corporations are going too far and 2022 cannot come soon enough. The Dems will be swamped by pro free-speech Republicans. Pelosi has already privately expressed this according to some reports.

    • I’m skeptical when it comes to their reversal on cancel culture. I think they are trying to make it seem that way in preparation for 2022 midterms. If they keep the majority in both chambers, it’s cancel season once again.

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