Bengals Fan Offers Joe Burrow His Knee, Ray Lewis Still Cycling & The Jets Take Sarah Fuller?

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The NFL chaos rolls on with Tom Brady one game away from a road trip to New York in the playoffs

The New York Giants are now the No. 4 seed in the NFC playoffs after beating Cincinnati Sunday. That’s right, Daniel Jones and his team filled with guys you cannot name (Saquon is out for the year) would have a home game against the Rams if the playoffs started today. It isn’t out of the question for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers to slide into the No. 6 position and get that road test. It’s chaos out there right now.

On the AFC side, the big news is that we’d get a Browns-Bills game in January, if the playoffs started today. This would be God’s signal that the world is righting itself and that 2021 is going to be special. If a higher power gives us Browns-Bills in a blizzard, it would be nearly everything I’ve wanted in life. Let 65,000 fans through the doors, and life would be complete.

• Credit to the Denver Broncos for not pussin’ out and canceling their game against the Saints. Even more credit to Kendall Hinton for getting out there and even trying to play quarterback after not even practicing at the position.

• Why do I get the feeling we’ll be getting a Sarah Fuller 30 for 30 or some sort of ESPYs special in 2021? Let’s go even further. Why does it feel like ESPN was consulted on all this and had multiple camera crews recording Sarah’s every step for some ESPN-W or whatever they’re calling their woman site these days?

According to NFL Research, “Aaron Rodgers now has 51 career pass TD and a 105.3 passer rating against the Bears,” and “has 50 pass TD and a 108.5 passer rtg against the Vikings. No other player in NFL history has 50+ pass TD and a 100+ passer rating vs even one single opponent.” 

• It’s that time of year when the local news sends a reporter to do a live shot outside the highway road department to ask road crew guys how they’re going to plow snow. Another reporter handled the snowblower angle. She told viewers this morning it’s too late to take in your snowblower for maintenance once flakes hit the ground. Classic local TV news.

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  1. The Sarah Fuller story is nice and all, but does ESPN not remember the female that kicked field goals in D-1 previously? It happened like 20 years ago. And that girl actually scored. In D-1 games. This Fuller story is cute but ESPN is trying to make a story out of something that happened better 20 years ago. Power 5 is irrelevant, I bet that girl’s team could’ve beat 2020 Vanderbilt.

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