MLB Brawl: Reds’ Nick Castellanos Ejected, Benches Cleared in Win Over Cardinals

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Three days into the MLB’s 2021 season, the benches cleared and a player was ejected in Saturday’s game between the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals.

As Cincinnati led 6-2 in the fourth inning, Reds’ outfielder Nick Castellanos stepped in the batter’s box and was drilled by a fastball from St. Louis pitcher Jake Woodford.

“I mean, look, I wore [92 mph] in the ribs. That don’t exactly feel good, you know?” Castellanos said after the game. “I asked Yadi if it was an accident. He said, ‘Of course, it’s an accident.’ Alright, Yadi is a dude, Yadi is a boss… I take my stuff off. I even asked the pitcher if he wanted the ball back. … I go to first and the only thing I’m thinking about is scoring.”

A few pitches later, Woodford threw a wild pitch that Castellanos absolutely would take advantage of. As Woodford was covering the plate, Castellanos slid in and scored — he stood up and flexed over Woodford in celebration, which led to Molina defending his teammate.

After the game, Castellanos said he has nothing but respect for Yadi.

“That guy could have punched me in the face and I’d still ask him for a signed jersey,” Castellanos said.

After their initial encounter at home plate, which caused benches to clear, things got heated in the outfield.

“Umpire crew chief Jim Reynolds said Castellanos was ejected because after sliding into home, he ‘re-engaged the pitcher in unnecessary fashion,'” Fox Sports reports.

The Reds went on to beat the Cardinals 9-6.

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. Ah the baseball ‘unwritten rules’ strikes up again. If a MLB pitcher can’t control a 92 mph fastball…he’s not in the major leagues. This plunking was probably for how Nick acted with his home run the day before. So showing any emotion…that’s a plunking. That’s why this game (along with the wokeness) is going down the tubes. Teams don’t get their manhood back by trying to plunk a guy.

  2. Castellanos is a pussy. He stood around and did nothing but keep his hands behind his back while the benches cleared. He should refer to how Gerald Williams handled Pedro Guerrero after being plunked. Now that’s old school!

  3. That has got to be the whitest fight I’ve ever seen. Middle school black girls brawl better than that. MLB should be boycotted until they vow to become less white, even though they are mostly hispanic.

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