Ben Roethlisberger’s YouTube Series Debuts With ‘I’m Not Done’ Tone Setter

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The Ben Roethlisberger YouTube series “Bigger Than Ben” is out with part one and the big news from the first 14-minute video produced by Rep 1 Football is Ashely Roethlisberger relaying her husband’s offseason message: “I’m not done.”

The credits roll to the sounds of Andy Mineo’s “I Ain’t Done.” Steelers fans are reporting goosebumps, dropping “LFG” messages on YouTube, saying they’re ready to run through a brick wall, getting on Venmo to buy “I’m Not Done” gear and saying they’ll never take Big Ben for granted anymore.

Speaking about giving Ben the all clear if he’d like to retire, Ashley Roethlisberger says she was going to fully support whatever decision the two-time Super Bowl champion decided while facing a serious elbow surgery. “He listened and you could tell he really took it to heart,” Ashley said. “He said thank you, but I don’t feel done. I’m not done.”


It’s been a big year for Ben. Not only is he coming back from the elbow surgery, but he also removed Twitter bans for thousands of users. Not only is the guy “not done,” but he wants to bring all of you along for the ride. Stay tuned for part two where we learn more about how Big Ben’s not done.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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