Believing Brown? Former Bucs WR Insists ‘Nothing’s Wrong’

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Antonio Brown’s gone full Britney Spears circa 2008. The now former NFL wide receiver is just a barefooted walk into a gas station bathroom away from a conservatorship. But even though AB has had a circus of drama and controversy surround him for nearly a year, he still insists nothing’s wrong.

“An NFL Super Bowl team coach told a guy on the team who’s playing hurt ‘get the f*** out of here,'” Brown told I Am Athlete.
For those keeping score at home, over the last month, Brown has walked off the field shirtless during a game, accused Bucs coach Bruce Arians of wanting him to play while injured, attacked Tom Brady’s personal trainer, had some super-fast sex, bashed Gronk and Brady, rapped a couple times, hung out with Floyd Mayweather and Kanye West and who the hell knows what else.

Nothing crazy about that. 

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Written by Anthony Farris

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