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Note: The odds presented in this article are from FanDuel Sportsbook, where new users can currently get 55-1 odds to pick the winner of Super Bowl LV. Bet the max of $5 and you could win $275. Click here to sign up and lock in the 55-1 offer.

I can’t wait until Eric Church belts out that first verse of the National Anthem on Sunday, but not until after I take out my iPhone of course, open the stopwatch widget, and get ready to start the timer to see if I’ve hit my over/under bet on the length of the Anthem. Not a football fan?  It’s ok, the Super Bowl prop betting selection has you covered.  The Super Bowl is a one of a kind game that has hundreds of props, all related to the game, whether on field or not, and several of these bets start prior to kickoff, after all, we all have that one ultimate mush friend who will be 0-4 BEFORE the kickoff, I know I do….

In addition to the National Anthem above, you can also bet many other related props that have nothing to do with gameplay like;

Coin toss result (-103 heads/tails)
Coin toss call (if team gets it right)
Opening song of The Weeknd halftime show
Will Daft Punk appears in “Starboy”?
Will Ariana Grande appear in “Love Me Harder”?
Will a beverage or snack brand commercial appear before an auto brand?
Will the “Coming to America 2” trailer appear before halftime?
Which ad plays first, Pringles or Doritos? (I got my $ on Doritos)
Gatorade color dumped on winning coach? (Take a flyer on no color)

In game novelty props are also a big hit every Super Bowl;

Will a field goal “doink” off the post? (Hello Cody Parkey!)
Will the opening kickoff be a touchback?
Will a “fat man” (lineman) score a TD?
Over/under times will Roger Goodell be shown on TV?
Over/under times Gisele will be shown on TV?
Will there be a streaker shown on TV?
Color of Bruce Arians Kangol?
Will Andy Reid mention “cheeseburger” in a postgame interview?

Props like these are great for those who are fans of neither team, don’t want to cheer for a side? Fine! Instead, you can sweat whether or not they’re counting a crowd shot as showing Gisele, or whether the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach at the end was blue, or actually water? Any outcome you can possibly think of, it has happened before, most famously Christina Aguilera skipping a verse of the National Anthem, which in turn sent over bettors to a loss and sportsbooks scrambling. Personally, I can remember vividly waiting in the Eagles – Patriots Super Bowl for Cris Collinsworth to mention the word “Rocky”, which interestingly enough, he didn’t (still hurts to this day).

For your viewing experience, here’s a couple of props I will be betting this Sunday that are available at FanDuel Sportsbook….

Successful two point conversion YES +240

Will Tampa Bay score or punt first? Punt -125

2020 and the Coronabros tried to take the Super Bowl from us, but here we are. Enjoy the game Sunday, and above all, have fun. Oh yeah, don’t forget to have your stopwatch ready for Eric Church…..

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  1. A number of people likely already have the answers to a number of these props. For example, what is stopping Ariana Grande’s best friend from placing a $1,000,000 wager on whether she will appear in that song? Got to be limits, right?! Like have the almanac from BTTF…

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