Bears Will Throw In The Kitchen Sink To Get Deshaun Watson Or Russell Wilson

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The Chicago Bears were a playoff team in 2020. Many would consider that a success, but things could have been even better for them if they’d had quality, consistent play at the quarterback position.

Apparently, the franchise is willing to do whatever it takes to remedy that situation in 2021.

According to Jason La Canfora with CBS Sports, Chicago is willing to part ways with a “boatload of picks” in order to acquire Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. This willingness is reportedly rooted in desperation from the front office.

“There is a real sense of panic in that building,” one NFL executive told La Canfora. “Don’t underestimate how desperate they are.”

Oh boy, that’s normally a bad sign, but a blockbuster move would buy the current regime time. The offensive line would still need work, but Wilson and Watson have never had that anyways. Their mobility could mask at least some deficiencies there — though not all of them.

Would adding a high-profile quarterback help the situation with Allen Robinson? That depends. It certainly wouldn’t hurt — unless acquiring an expensive signal-caller puts too much of a dent in the available cap space.

Picking at No. 19 in the draft isn’t going to help the Bears. The top 5 quarterbacks in this draft class are all expected to be gone by then. Dak Prescott is no longer an option, and the rest of the free agent market is underwhelming.

If Chicago swings and misses on Wilson and Watson, the next target would likely be Sam Darnold. He’s younger and less expensive than most other free agents, so that helps. But he also doesn’t offer the same guarantees from that position as the other two.

Jimmy Garoppolo is another option, depending on what happens in San Francisco.

One thing is certain: the Bears are going to be aggressive in adding a quarterback, and they aren’t willing to settle. If selling the farm for one of the top guys doesn’t pan out, a large move up the draft board might be in the works.

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  1. Didn’t the Bears throw in the kitchen sink to get Khalil Mack? How did that work out? One division title and zero playoff wins. As a Packers fan, I hope the Bears trade away even more draft picks to get Russell Wilson or DeShaun Watson. They won’t be able to upgrade the offensive line, they have no weapons on offense other than Allen Robinson (and would probably have to trade him to fit either Wilson or Watson under the cap), and they won’t be able to replace key players on their aging defense. I hope it happens because it means the only competition the Packers will have in the NFC North is the Vikings and they’re not much competition.

  2. If you’re gonna get Russ, you better have the 2nd coming of the LOB and Beastmode available as we all know that’s how Russ ended up with that ring in the first place (and we all know why he doesn’t have a 2nd one). Otherwise you’re just gonna have a QB who will give you pretty stats and a 2nd rd at best exit.

  3. Big Bears fan. Khalil Mack trade wasn’t where the Bears went wrong. It was picking the wrong QB in ’17. Had they chosen the right one, they’d be sitting pretty. Hate to agree with any Packer fan (Steve), but now they’ve dug a hole that has no easy way out. Too good a defense the past few years to get a high draft pick, so the cost in free agency $ or draft picks to upgrade at QB, means now you have to get lucky identifying undervalued lower draft picks/free agents to build a team around them. If I were the Bears, first I would have replaced everyone from Ted Phillips down after this last season. I don’t see how you can trust Phillips and Pace to pick the correct QB moving forward after the Trubisky disaster. But I’d be much more willing to either give up a haul of picks to the Jets to get pick #2 and have the choice between Wilson or Fields. At least that way my QB is cheap and I can fill holes easier thru FA. If I can’t get the pick, I’d try to move on Darnold, who at least has shown flashes in college and NFL that he can play. Wilson and Watson are much more proven quantities, but the cost in picks and for their salaries is too prohibitive, in my book.

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