Bears DB Eddie Jackson: ‘About Time We Get Us A Real (Quarterback)’

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Bears safety Eddie Jackson probably won’t be getting Christmas cards from Mitchell Trubisky or Andy Dalton (even though Andy is a big softie who doesn’t seem to anger very easily) after the Instagram Live video where Jackson is celebrating the Bears selecting Justin Fields. “It’s about time we get us a real…,” the 4-year vet says before catching himself from saying what’s clearly coming out of his mouth.

“You better say something I like to hear, Carlos,” Jackson tells the man on the TV making the pick. “You better say Justin Fields or Mac Jones.”

Carlos: “MY Chicago Bears select Justin Fields.”

“(Screeching) it’s a black quarterback [laughter], haha,” Jackson yells out.

The icing on top…HE’S BLACK!! Here’s a fun fact to use at your next dinner party: the Bears had a black quarterback in 1953 named Willie Thrower. He completed three passes during his NFL career.

Back to Eddie, the guy is an absolute content machine. You might remember the last time Eddie visited us here at OutKick it was October and he was having trouble with the tax plan proposed by Joe Biden. “Biden tripping with upping these taxes,” he tweeted.

You might not agree with Eddie’s commentary, but the one thing that’s clear here is that he’s just going to come right out and say things. Eddie Jackson doesn’t have time to check on feelings before he fires off commentary.

That said, imagine one of the Bosa brothers celebrating a white player being drafted. Now that would be some big news.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. What a great teammate! Hey Eddie I can’t wait to watch you get burned and Mitch or Andy say damn we need some real DB’s out here. Oh but of course that would be racist. Shut your fucking mouth, I have never heard of you until now.

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