Bears Could Be Where Jimmy Garoppolo Winds Up

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The 49ers have traded up from the 12th overall pick to the third overall in a deal with the Miami Dolphins, NFL Network reports.

What exactly does this mean for the future of Jimmy Garoppolo?

The team gave up the 12th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, along with two additional first-round picks and a third-round pick to the Dolphins for the third-overall pick this year.

The 49ers trade for the No. 3 pick can have huge ramifications on the outlook of the league at quarterback.

Even though the Chicago Bears have their new QB1, CBS Sports has Chicago as a top landing spot for Garoppolo.

The Bears are still rumored to be in play for Russell Wilson, and the Bearswire reports the team would likely to give up on Andy Dalton if the opportunity to upgrade the position came.

“Publicly, the 49ers have committed to Garoppolo and have no plans on trading him,” Bearswire reports. “This alone would shut down any trade to Chicago. But if the 49ers draft a quarterback, which appears likely, this would change.”

The only issue is Garoppolo’s risk of injury and health need to be considered.

He played in four games in 2018, going 1-3 as a starter, and played in six games in 2020, going 3-3 as a starter.

Chicago would need a solid backup quarterback, but with Nick Foles is under contract for two seasons, he could realistically serve that role.

“Chicago may have called Andy Dalton its QB1, but Garoppolo is a much-better option at this point,” CBS Sports reports. “The Bears would instantly upgrade at quarterback with Garoppolo, running an offense that can get the most out of Garoppolo — who can play a similar role he had in San Francisco.”

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  1. I think the Bears are more than just “a player away” from being a force in the NFL. They’re not even setup to be competitive in their division, so 2021 is mailed-in. I think the Bears are focusing on 2024. (Don’t tell the Defense…)

  2. Outside of Russel Wilson, The Bears should just go with what they got. Jimmy G was injury-prone in warmer California (and NE as well). Chicago cold fronts cannot be an asset to an injury-prone player. At least Dalton has a history of playing every day in cold weather.

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