Bear Attacks Alaska Woman in Outhouse Toilet

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More bad news in America. While a woman was using an outhouse in the Alaska wilderness, a bear hiding in the toilet attacked her from behind and bit her butt.

“I got out there and sat down on the toilet, and immediately something bit my butt right as I sat down,” Shannon Stevens told AP. “I jumped up, and I screamed when it happened.”

Awful, just awful.

Stevens’ brother heard her scream, ran to the outhouse, and lifted the toilet to see what had bitten her. It was a bear.

“I opened the toilet seat, and there’s just a bear face just right there at the level of the toilet seat, just looking right back up through the hole, right at me,” he told the AP. “I just shut the lid as fast as I could. I said, ‘There’s a bear down there, we got to get out of here now!’…And we ran back to the yurt as fast as we could.”

“[My butt] was bleeding, but it wasn’t super bad,” Stevens said while they treated her wound back at the yurt.

We wish Stevens the best. 

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