Batman Podcast Takes Down Joe Rogan On Podcast Charts

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While CNN couldn’t take down Joe Rogan, a podcast from its parent company Warner Bros. Discovery just did.

The new Batman Unburied podcast is the first show to dethrone Rogan atop Spotify’s ranking since December 2021, when The Always Sunny Podcast held the top spot for a short time.

The podcast debuted May 3 and is still holding off Rogan as of publication, with more episodes to come.

Unburied is part of a licensing deal that Spotify signed with Warner Bros. Discovery, at the time called Warner Bros, in 2020 to exclusively stream podcasts from DC Comics.

Spotify explains the show as follows:

A serial killer known as The Harvester terrorizes Gotham City, but Batman is not coming to the rescue. In fact, Bruce Wayne has no memory of being the Caped Crusader at all. Instead, Bruce is a forensic pathologist, performing the autopsy on the latest victim when he’s attacked by the killer himself. As Bruce’s obsession with the Harvester consumes him, Dr. Thomas Wayne, head of Gotham City Hospital, orders his son to take medical leave and seek treatment from an unusual psychologist, Dr. Hunter. With Batman missing in action, Detective Barbara Gordon is left with no other choice but to seek help from Gotham’s second smartest detective: The Riddler. Batman Unburied is created by David S. Goyer and stars Winston Duke, Hasan Minhaj, and Gina Rodriguez. Batman Unburied was produced by Phantom Four & Wolf at the Door in association with Blue Ribbon Content and DC for Spotify.

Now, that’s a podcast worth trying.

Rogan will regain the top spot likely within the next week. The algorithm for podcast charts elevates programs that draw substantial new subscriptions in the first week above shows with more daily downloads. Meaning JRE will quickly overtake Batman once Unburied loses its first-week spike.

But even with that advantage, there have been pages worth of other high-profile podcasts on Spotify that were unable to rank above Rogan during their first week of release. So take nothing away from Batman Unburied. Few Spotify originals, if any, have been this successful early on.

It turns out that Batman, not CNN host Don Lemon, was the true threat to Joe Rogan’s reign.

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  1. I really don’t understand what grown ass adults see in superhero movies (and apparently podcasts too). Maybe I’m in the minority here thinking comics are childish and dumb but idk what people get out of it. I’m sure a lot of those people think sports are dumb but at least a regular person can swing a golf club or toss a football. Only thing you can do with comics off the screen is dress up and larp.

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