Baseball’s Back! Rogue Runner Crashes Phillies vs. A’s Game, Shouldering Hopes Of A Wild Season

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The perfect start to the 2022-23 MLB regular season would not have been complete without a drunk bro running out of his seat to shoot across a freshly-cut baseball field, cheered on by thousands of eager fans and with a security unit frantically trailing after the rogue hero.

Thankfully, Friday’s matchup between the Phillies and A’s fulfilled the wish.

Footage from early on in the contest showed a runner emerge around third base, which was an adamant fan hopped up on IPAs and Cracker Jacks.

The hero’s journey came to an end between first and second when a security member made a clean open-field tackle to bring down the runner.

Cheers and boos were hurled at the field as the perp was escorted off: also lifting the spirits of his home team ahead of Philadelphia’s 9-5 win over Oakland.


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Written by Alejandro Avila

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