Baseball Is Back! Drunk Fan At Brewers Home Opener Pees In Concourse In Front Of Other Fans

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Monday was the home opener for the Milwaukee Brewers. They welcomed the New York Mets, who are in town for a three-game series, with a 1:10 p.m. first pitch time at American Family Field.

That meant day baseball to get the season going in Wisconsin. The Brewers and their fans were more that ready for the occasion. An afternoon of baseball and day drinking in early April – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Drunk Fan At Brewers Home Opener Pees In The Middle Of The Concourse
Fan peeing in the concourse at Brewers home opener (Image Credit: TikTok)

The opening day buzz, the brats and beer, the fans who skipped a day of work and school. What an atmosphere. The Brewers opener had it all, including a one-sided shutout win and an all-time viral fan moment.

The team’s first action of the season at home was a ten run, ten hit performance, while only allowing the Mets only three measly hits. The dominance left fans free to enjoy day drinking without having to worry about the on field performance.

And that’s exactly what they did. The day off of work, enjoying a few brews at the park, with the new pace of play proved to be too much for one fan.

The pitch clock doesn’t just put pressure on the pitcher to take the mound and deliver a pitch. It also puts pressure on fans. They have to increase the speed in which they finish off a beer in order to get a good buzz going.

This Won’t Be The Only Drunk Brewers Fan Story This Season

There also has to be a decrease in bathroom breaks worked into this delicate equation. You don’t want to miss too much of the action with the bathroom activities. Fans are going to have to figure out the proper beer trip to bathroom break balance.

In the meantime, there could be a few more moments like this one. A Brewers fan was caught on camera peeing in the middle of the concourse in full view of other fans.

A 10-run win on opening day with a drunk Brewers fan doing something completely insane – that’s getting the season off to a hot start in Milwaukee. It beats a marriage proposal, even of the on the field variety, any day of the week.

Written by Sean Joseph

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