Bartolo Colon Hitting Off The Tee, Tiger Woods Public Course Looks Nice & Tacko Fall Tees Off

Are we about to see shark content go on a heater to close out the summer?

We had the lady up in Maine killed by a shark and now the NY Post brings us the story of a 21-year-old Clemson student who “captured” a 400-pound bull shark earlier this month off Long Island and immediately released it. I don’t even know when Shark Week is without looking, but it feels like we’re firmly entrenched in it right now.

I’m up for whatever it takes to keep our minds off corona and whatever else can be thrown at us like Dr. Fauci now saying people should start considering goggles to fend off the ‘rona. Keep sending me shark news.

In football news, it sounds like we might see a swole Philip Rivers when he debuts for the Colts. That’s right, the Colts have Rivers on a dietary and workout regimen. I don’t know what that stuff does for an old shoulder that has trouble pushing the ball 20 yards, but we’re about to find out when the Colts open in Jacksonville September 13.

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