Bar Where Whitmer Violated Her Own COVID Protocols Won’t Be Fined

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By now, you have probably heard about Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s visit to an East Lansing restaurant and bar over the weekend with some of her friends. Social distancing and mask guidelines that her office had put in place were completely ignored by Whitmer’s party.

None of them will face any sort of consequences for breaking those protocols. Why? Because Whitmer “made a mistake” by breaking the restrictions, of course. Granted, she then made changes to those restrictions almost immediately after getting caught, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Neither should this next bit of news.

The Landshark, the bar and grill that Whitmer visited, will not be facing any fines, citations or consequences for allowing the party to go completely unchecked. Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail did say Tuesday that the restaurant got a stern talking to, however.

“We did have a conversation with The Landshark (Bar & Grill), as environmental health always will,” Vail said, via the Detroit Free Press. “Enforcement, including enforcement of COVID-related orders, is always a step-wise kind of function. So we don’t jump to issuing violations and fining people and that sort of thing.

“We go in, we have conversations, we correct, we get the owner to recognize what’s going on and say, ‘Yep, I understand that — not going to do it anymore.’ That has happened. That conversation has occurred, and that is typically what we do.

“This would not be considered a critical violation.”

Fair statement, I suppose. But to be fair, there’s no way the restaurant would face any sort of consequences while Whitmer and her crew went completely unpunished. So regardless of how other restaurants have been handled for similar violations, The Landshark was always going to be safe.

The list of instances when Whitmer has broken her own restrictions continues to grow. She took a plane down to Florida without disclosing it, and two of her aids vacationed in South Carolina while Michigan residents were advised not to travel. In May 2020, her husband tried to use his close connection to the governor to launch his boat at a lake near their vacation home, after his wife had strongly discouraged Michiganders from visiting their own cabin getaways. Now this.

Must be nice to be above the rules and guidelines you’re telling others to adhere to — especially in the name of safety, right?

Funny enough, Whitmer was actually shocked last month when Michigan had “some of the strongest protocols in the country” and yet was still struggling to combat the COVID-19 virus. That could’ve been for one of two reasons: 1) the masks, restrictions and all that don’t work or 2) maybe some residents were following her leadership and ignoring restrictions when it suited them.

Either way, not a great a look for Whitmer.

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  1. I don’t know the history of how many times this woman has served as governor, but if these people elect here again after this, they are idiots and deserve whatever consequences come from being ruled by the Neo-Marxist party. Its so hard to have empathy for New Yorkers, Californians, Michiganders, etc who continue to elect these idiots and expect different results. My one hard, request/demand is keep you Marxist ideology and stupidity out west and up north, stay out of Texas. We are doing just find living the American dream bitches! Your loss of business is coming our way so we’ll take care of those who want to work, no problem. Everyone else? Go hug a tree, hug a bum or supply needles to your street urchins who are littering your sidewalks with human feces.

  2. The question comes to my mind, what exactly were Michigan voters looking for in a governor to actually vote for Whitmer? Anyone who knowingly voted for this person must also scan the sexual predator registry to find babysitters.

  3. I feel truly bad for the intelligent, conservative voters who are stuck in states with piss-poor leadership like this. It’s like living in Biden’s America, but even worse because your localized leadership is incompetent too. Sorry to all of you stuck in that situation.

  4. The funniest part is that they were behaving exactly like they should have been: living their lives as though the risk of infection is infinitesimal! They are setting a great example for everyone — drop the masks and preening then move on for the good of yourself and everyone.

    But with so many liberals, there are rules for the proles and there are rules for those in power. Some bureaucrats start with good intentions, some don’t, but most end up protecting and entrenching their own power. What a perfect example.

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