Bama Fans Allegedly Threaten To Kill Hurricanes Fan Over Diss Track

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The 2022 college football season is already off to a hot start, thanks to a 31-year-old Miami Hurricanes fan in East Tennessee who dropped a diss track where he called Alabama fans “slow,” which has resulted in death threats.

Coach Coop, as he is known, doesn’t have any plans to release his real name because, as Coop says, Bama fans are threatening physical harm over a track aimed at Saturday’s showdown in Atlanta.

“I’ve gotten some death threats from fans and telling me they want to meet up with me at the game and stab me,” Coop told “No, I won’t meet up with you and fight you at the Miami-Alabama game,” he added. “That might be the dumbest, stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Maybe some of you guys like to throw hands at football games, that’s not me. I keep it about the game.”

That said, Coop’s not running from Bama fans. He’ll be in the stands for the 3:30 game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

It’s wild to think someone watched that diss track and then instantly wanted to kill Coach Coop. You mean to tell me there are grown men out there willing to exact revenge against against a social media troll only to spend the rest of their life in prison?

Come on, angry Bama fans, use your brains!

Then again, the second we thought a Bama fan wasn’t crazy enough to poison Auburn’s prized trees, he actually went and murdered the trees. That said, Coach Coop should just be careful in Atlanta this weekend. Even if Bama fans don’t get their hands on him, it’s still Atlanta and it’s not exactly the safest spot in the world these days.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. If he’s stupid enough to intentionally insult and antagonize fans, who were already known to be crazy, on a social media platform with millions of anonymous viewers, I’m honestly surprised he’s lived to be 31. I would also caution him against taking a leisurely stroll across I-75 during rush hour flipping the finger at drivers, trusting that all of them will obey traffic laws.

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