Another Unknown Balloon Spotted In American Airspace

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The military has its sights locked onto another mysterious balloon.

A Chinese spy balloon captivated the attention of America after it traveled across the entire country before being blown out of the sky. It was later revealed the balloon was likely transmitting information as it flew over critical military sites.

It was a very bad situation, and now another balloon has been spotted.

The Department of Defense revealed Monday another balloon had been spotted in American airspace off the coast of Hawaii, according to the New York Post. The United States hasn’t determined yet who is responsible for this one, but it hasn’t flown over sensitive areas and isn’t viewed as a threat.

It was first detected last Friday. The military might still shoot it down if it’s deemed necessary but as of Monday night, it appeared to be heading for Mexico, according to the same New York Post report.

A Chinese spy balloon was shot down earlier in 2023. (Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Another balloon has been spotted.

It appears information about this balloon is rather limited at the moment. All that’s known is the government doesn’t believe it’s dangerous and it might be heading for Mexico.

Given the intense criticism President Joe Biden received for waiting to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon, common sense would seem to dictate there wouldn’t be much hesitation a second time around.

It’s also important to note the public still has no idea what the three objects were that were smoked shortly after the spy balloon.

One was blasted over Alaska, another over Canada and a third over Lake Huron. The government later called off its search for the wreckages. Not only does the public not know what was shot down, but we might never get that information. Does that give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling?

Will Joe Biden take down this balloon? It seems like the answer is no, but it’s also a fluid situation. Ever since the start of 2023, there’s been an insane amount of weird stuff in the sky. Is this the new normal? That remains unclear, but it definitely doesn’t appear to be a good thing.

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