Baker Mayfield Partied After Crazy Rams Victory…This Guy Might Be Dangerous Again

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Look at that smile on Baker Mayfield’s face while crushing drinks at L.A. hotspot after leading the Rams to an improbable comeback after spending two work shifts as a member of the team.

You’re damn right that’s a former No. 1 overall pick feeling dangerous again after going through the trauma of playing for the Browns and then being sent off to a Russian gulag in Charlotte to be the whipping boy for a failing franchise.

That’s the face of a 27-year-old married NFL quarterback who’s having fun again thanks to a 17-16 win over the lowly Raiders. Hey, it’s one game against a team going nowhere, but let the guy enjoy life for a minute.

Baker Mayfield Los Angeles Clubs after win
Baker Mayfield finally enjoying life again with his wife Emily at L.A. club Poppy after the Rams 17-16 win over the Raiders. / Instagram Story

Most of us have been there before, minus the NFL quarterback job. The first job out of college sucks balls. The owner/boss is a loser. The company had a history of being poorly operated. You’re young and the pressure to perform becomes too much and you’re eventually told to take a hike because there’s some new guy — who has a thing for getting yanked off (allegedly) — coming in.

Hate Baker Mayfield all you want, but Swag Baker Mayfield is great for the NFL, especially if he sticks in Los Angeles where Matthew Stafford, 34, is starting to look like a 2002 Honda Civic trying its best to stay on the road. It was a great run, but you know the end is coming.

L.A. and Baker Mayfield were made for one another. His wife has ties to Los Angeles. Her brothers are supposedly L.A.-based pop singers. It’s like this crew was meant to have a run as part of the Rams franchise.

All that said, the wheels could all fall off next week in cold Green Bay and Baker could look more like trash heap Baker. But let’s all let this play out.

That guy is happy again. Let him enjoy it for a minute.

Baker Mayfield partying after Rams win
Double-fisting Baker Mayfield letting off some steam after leading the Rams to a win. / Instagram Story
Baker Mayfield bottle service Poppy
via Instagram Story

Written by Joe Kinsey

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