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How’s retail business in Manhattan? Not good

The NY Post has a report out this morning on how things are going for retail in Manhattan and it’s not a pretty picture with the lack of international and domestic tourism to help drive purchases at chains. The problem, sources say, is Manhattan, which used to be teeming with tourists and commuters who have largely stayed away since the coronavirus pandemic hit in March. Wealthy Manhattanites also have more resources and flexibility to escape, indefinitely, to greener pastures, like the Hamptons, experts say.

Things are so bad right now a guy who owns two Applebees in Manhattan sees no point in reopening the locations at this point. They might as well stay closed with lack of foot traffic.

If you’re bored today take some time to check the Times Square Earth Cam. You’re going to see a very different Manhattan the next time — maybe 2022? — your company sends you on a work trip to the Big Apple.

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    VERY NICE touch…very classy…baseball card vandals remembering UCONN’s Stanley Robinson!
    PS – Sorry…just gotta say it…I have trouble looking at anything from Drew Brees.

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