Bad Vibes? Teddy Bridgewater Unfollows Panthers On Social Media

Question: How do you know when a millenial athlete is upset about something?

Answer: When they exhibit mysterious behavior on social media.

That’s now the case with Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who unfollowed the team’s Instagram account, per USA Today. He also set his own account to private.

Bridgewater signed a three-year, $63-million deal with the Panthers last March, but he and the Panthers struggled on the field.

Both team owner David Tepper and coach Matt Rhule have been throwing shade at their starter in their offseason comments,” USA Today noted. “The Panthers were also reported to have tried to send Teddy to the Lions in the Matt Stafford deal that fell through.”

Along with that, the Panthers have been linked to every available QB, and there are plenty. Word is, they would gladly give up Bridgewater in a trade for someone new.

Now, it seems Bridgewater has had enough of the Panthers, too.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Bridgewater has to realize that he’s never going to be a full time, 16 game a year starter in this league. He’s going to be Nick Foles and Ryan Fitzpatrick….a safe QB to fill in for a few games. It will probably allow him to stay in the league longer

  2. At some point during this QB chaos that reminds me of high school kids and prom dates, existing veteran QB’s are going to start calling out other QB’s for demanding trades to teams that have a QB.

    if i was Tua in Miami, i’d start chirping that the Dolphins are MY team.

    if i was Bridgewater, i would friend and unfriend desshaun watson in instaFace or FaceTwitter.

    meanwhile i wonder what Marcus Mariota thinks about being stuck behind Derrick CarWreck in LV, when he is clearly better than … Alex Smith (or is it smiff?).

    and Where is the Love for Ryan Fitzmagic? he seems to have a fire in his belly; maybe make a run with a team already built to win like the Saints or 49’rs.

    its as if every QB girlfriend is breaking up with Team/boyfriend because Tom Brady found his new love in Tompa Bay!!

    lots of jealous boys and girls in the NFL. if i was a QB in college, i would opt back into College until this QB carousel stops in 2022.

    laugh out loud … says the Redskins front office. they look smart right now 😜

  3. USA Today’s writers are overtly left of center. See: Dan Wolken. So it’s unsurprising they would say:

    “TEPPER AND RUHLE throw shade at Bridgewater.”
    Nonsense. He is a decent starter but nochance (0.0%) that he leads your team to a super bowl
    Much less the playoffs. Got to get a new guy in there

  4. These damn guys are set for life. They shouldn’t have social media. It sucks and is so negative. Unless you are trying to get into media there is no reason an athlete at this level should have social media and if they do they sure as hell shouldn’t follow to unfollow.

  5. Carolina is in a tough spot. They paid a lot of money for Bridgewater, he’s serviceable, they don’t have another clear option, and they’d need to trade up from 8 to get a sure shot at one of the top QBs. Join the club. Maybe build a better team around him instead of torching it all? I don’t think Carolina is that far away from being a playoff team right now. The only way I’d ditch bridgewater is if I can move up to draft a Fields or Wilson in the top 3-4. That won’t be cheap. No way I’d ever trade multiple picks and McCaffrey for Watson like has been suggested.

  6. I mean…Teddy is basically a Chicago Bears type QB. Decent but not mezmerize.

    But yeah if these teams don’t have their IG QB they are basically treating their QBs like Tinder dates.

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