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Are you willing to help offset Covid-19 costs restaurants are having to pay?

A Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter went out looking for restaurants who are adding a surcharge on bills and found one at the El Segundo Sol in Fashion Show mall. That’s right, businesses could be charging you extra fees to help them pay for Covid issues. And you might not even realize it’s being added to your bill if you’re not looking at the bill.

“To help offset restrictions on our business resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, a 4% surcharge has been added to all guest checks,” it explains. “If you would like this removed, please let us know.”

So you might be getting free parking these days at the Strip resorts as a please come back, we really need you gesture, restaurants inside that resort might be finding a new way to get money out of you. It’ll be up to you to figure out how willing you are to help out these restaurants who won’t be filled up for a long time.

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