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Canucks vs. Coyotes, 10:00 ET

Yesterday, I took a loss on the ice, it wasn’t a bad pick or anything, but it was a loss nonetheless. The Stars ended up putting up five goals and they allowed two. Frankly, I was a bit lucky that the game ended at seven because neither team scored in the third period. We only have two days left of the regular season. The schedule drives me nuts though because we had three games yesterday, there are 15 today, and only two tomorrow. Why not balance it out more? Still, I found one game I like and have a play in.

The Vancouver Canucks season is over after tonight and this game could determine if they will end higher or lower than .500. They currently sit at 37-37-7 on the year and even if I think they want to win one more, I’m not sure this is an opportune time for them in this game. They are 3-2 over their past five, so they haven’t just mailed in the season. They are also decent on the road this year but this will be their third game in four nights, all on the road, and ultimately they probably just want the season to be over so they can go home to their family. If you’ve ever taken a vacation, that last day of work is usually the most pointless. You’re tired from trying to get everything done before you leave and you’re just looking forward to getting a cocktail and getting on the flight. That’s the mental state I’m expecting from the Canucks in this one. Hockey isn’t like the NBA, so there will be effort, but I still think this is a terrible spot for the Canucks.

The Coyotes are a team I think I’ve backed maybe twice this entire few months of writing hockey articles for Outkick. They aren’t a good team at 28-40-13 and their season also ends tonight. They usually are a team that I focus on for totals more than a side, but this is a good spot for them. They are just 1-4 over their past five games, but three of those games came against the Kraken, one of the better teams in the NHL. One spot that the Coyotes have been solid in this season was in home games. Of those 28 wins, 21 came on their home ice. They are 1-1 against the Canucks this season and in both games, the home team won. However, the Coyotes played well in the loss, losing 3-2 in overtime. They matchup well against Vancouver and I think tonight they have a great chance to win against a tired team. They haven’t played since the 10th, and this is the third consecutive home game for them.

As you probably expected at this point, I’m taking the Coyotes in this game. I’m going to take them to win this game at +125. They aren’t a great team, but in certain spots it is warranted to take them. This is one of those times.

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Written by David Troy

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