Back The Under In Chargers-Colts On Monday Night Football

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Chargers vs. Colts, 8:15 ET

Monday Night Football is here and we are back to normal after a holiday weekend. Hopefully, everyone is happy and healthy after the weekend and we can relax with a nice football game at the end of the day. This one sees the Los Angeles Chargers taking on the Indianapolis Colts in a matchup that means more for the Chargers than the Colts.

Let’s start with the Colts though. Does anyone want to talk about what happened last week? I’m sure no Colts fan wants to discuss it, but discuss it, we must. They were kicking the crap out of the Vikings. It was an absolute blood bath. They were up in the first half 33-0. Then, in the second half, the Vikings somehow were able to score five touchdowns. Do you know how tough it is to get five touchdowns in one half? It is almost as difficult as allowing 33 points to an opponent in the same half. Either way, it is one game, they need to put it behind them. After the Colts won the first game for head coach Jeff Saturday, they’ve looked miserable. Actually, they played well against the Eagles so I guess I can’t say it was miserable, but still they have lost their past four games. They are turning away from Matt Ryan and that should be a bit of an improvement.

The Chargers are clearly the better team and have won their past two matchups. Both of those were home games that saw them take down the Titans and the Dolphins. It is a little sad for the Colts because the Titans are just 7-7 and the Chargers helped them last week. Now they have to try and help themselves, but it is very unlikely. I’m expecting Justin Herbert to be able to get whatever he wants against the Colts defense. Now, there will be added motivation for them to respond from that embarrassing loss to the Vikings. I also expect the Colts to look to get Austin Eckler going as much as possible in this one. He’s the key to the success in their offense. If they get Eckler into space, this game will see the Chargers coast.

I don’t want to take the Chargers to cover on the road. They aren’t great as a road team, but they aren’t terrible. The Colts are a bad team that is getting more and more injured and confusing by the week. This is a throwaway season for them. However, the crushing loss from last week will either be a moment they try to rebound from or they will get completely blown out here. I don’t think there are other options. I’m playing the under 45 in this one. I expect the Colts defense to try and improve and the Chargers will probably play at a bit slower pace.

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Written by David Troy

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