Back The Bruins, Even In Back-To-Back

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Bruins vs. Calgary, 9:00 ET

Yesterday, I took the Ducks to come home and beat the Blackhawks and liked them on the moneyline through sixty minutes. It cashed once again. We’ve only lost twice in the last 10 plays I’ve shared on here. One of those losses was a self-admitted stupid play. Sometimes it looks good and then you reflect back on it and it is not. Either way, I want to keep this rolling and will continue to push it until the cooling off happens – and I’m sure eventually it will.

The Bruins are the current favorites for the Stanley Cup and with a 46-8-5 record it is very easy to see why. They’ve been great this year and are looking to keep pushing the issue against a middle-of-the-pack Calgary team. The Bruins did win the first and only matchup against the Flames with a 3-1 victory. This isn’t a great spot for them, though. They had to face Edmonton last night and continued their winning streak that now sits at seven consecutive games. I don’t think they are going to lose this game just because of the back-to-back spot though. While some teams may be too tired or struggle here, I think they still can take down the Flames. They are 5-2 in back-to-back situations but with only eight regulation losses on the season losing two of them is pretty significant. I think they will have Linus Ullmark in the goal tonight and he’s been great this year with a sub-2 goals on average per game mark. He’s also first in wins and save percentage.

I’m not sure that Calgary has the offense to make a big impact on the game and beat the Bruins. They are somewhat drawing the short end of the straw with having to face Ullmark. Last time he faced them, he only allowed one goal to the Flames. It might be a bit easier for the Flames tonight – at least they get to face a tired Boston team. The Flames are a good team, but they are pretty average at home with a record hovering around .500. I think they probably put Jacob Markstom in the net tonight – he’s pretty average overall. One note though they could have their backup in the goal as Markstrom missed Monday’s practice to be their for the birth of his first child. Typically when athletes return from something like that they are either very distracted or have a great game – almost like a tribute.

I’m going to take the Bruins tonight in the back-to-back situation. Calgary has lost the past two games and three of their past four games. Eventually we will see Boston’s streak come to an end, but I think it is more likely they lose on Thursday than it is they lose today. At -130, I think we are getting a good price on the best team in the NHL.

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Written by David Troy

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