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Astros vs. Twins, 2:10 ET

There aren’t too many teams in Major League Baseball than I think are more fraudulent than the Minnesota Twins. Look, I could absolutely be wrong and eat crow at the end of the season. Conside me a hater and think that maybe I’m biased and I can’t make a good judgement on them. Either way, here is my bet on them today,

What is going on with the Astros? Ah, nothing is going on with them, they are fine. Honestly, if this happened in the middle of the season, no one would even really blink at the fact that they stumbled their way to a sub-.500 record through eight games. Do you really think they are going to stumble through the entire season? Probably not. If you want to say they wont be back-to-back World Series winners, fine. I really wont argue about that. Even if they end April under .500 I’m fine with them. If they are 10 games under after May, I’ll still take them to win the division. There is too much talent for them to be someone you count out. Their hitters are hitting, their pitching just isn’t quite up to snuff to start the year. Luis Garcia is one of those guys that had a rough opening outing and is looking to rebound. Garcia threw five innings and allowed seven hits and three earned runs. That’s really not a terrible start – though obviously there is room for improvement. Twins hitters have struggled against him in their collective attempts though.

Raise your hand if you thought the Twins were going to win five of their first seven. Okay, raise your hand if you thought that the Twins would win the division. Sure, more of you probably thought the Twins have a chance to win the division, but it is obviously way too early for that talk. Still, it is good to see (at least for Minnesota fans) that they have gotten off to a good start. They are hitting, they are pitching, and they are even fielding well to start the year. Now they go back to Joe Ryan to see if they can keep this nice start going. Ryan was able to produce six solid innings in his first start, allowing just three hits and one earned run – a solo home run. He isn’t the best pitcher in the world or something, but he is definitely serviceable. The Astros hitters dont’ have much experience against him, but I also don’t think he is as good of a pitcher as he was in the first game he threw.

Sometimes a pitcher looks good in one start, and sometimes a pitcher looks like he is straight garbage. That is kind of what happened in the opening outing from both of these pitchers. Garcia is better than he showed, and Ryan is not as good as he was in his first start. Frankly, I think Garcia and the Astros are a better team, I’m taking them at -105.

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Written by David Troy

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