Awkward Post-Game Interviews: No Pants, Shirt and Tie in Jags Locker Room

Yesterday on 3HL, I went on a mini-rant about the need for men in the locker room to put their pants on before they put their shirts on. This makes zero sense. Anyone who has ever gotten dressed knows that the shirt is infinitely more difficult to put on than pants are. If you doubt me, wait until you have kids and they’re trying to dress themselves. Several times a week I try and let my three year old put on a shirt. It’s a disaster.

Like Pickett’s Charge for the toddler set.

Yet, time and time again grown men at the gym are going with the shirt first and no pants. Sometimes, in the most awkward of all male undressing situations, these men put socks and shirts on with no pants.

Seriously, this must stop.

Well, in the midst of this rant several Tennessee Titans fans called in to the show recalling that in the wake of the Titans AFC championship victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2000, a man walked behind then Jags coach Tom Coughlin wearing a shirt and tie with no pants on. (It says a lot about our listeners that 12 years after this game fans still remembered this awkward moment).

I figured that clip had been lost to the dustbin of the ages, but this morning a listener emailed and said he had the clip. Which he has now uploaded to YouTube.

It’s gold, Jerry, gold.

My favorite part of the pantless man in a shirt and tie is that he appears twice. Keep in mind that tens of millions of people are watching this live.


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.