Autographed Ticket From Kobe Bryant’s Last Game To Go Up For Auction

When it comes to sports memorabilia, tickets have always been a niche market. Most fans choose to collect jerseys and helmets rather than tickets.

However, one ticket on the market will definitely draw a ton of interest, as TMZ reports that an autographed ticket from Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game will soon be available for auction, and fans will have the chance to jump on board and bid on it.

Bryant’s last game on April 13th, 2016 against the Utah Jazz was a memorable one. All Bryant did in his last game was score — he went off for 60 points.

The ticket will be auctioned off on the Otis investment app, and fans can get in for $10 to have a chance to own it.

According to the Otis investment site, they also are auctioning off a LeBron James card, a rare Incredible Hulk comic, and a pair of vintage Michael Jordan shoes.

The Otis app works just like the stock market. The ticket will go up for trading once all the shares are sold, and shareholders can then keep or sell their shares.

Bryant memorabilia, to no surprise, has gone through the roof since his passing in a helicopter accident back in January of 2020.

Some collectors have paid up to 20 times the amount for Bryant items, realizing the value of Bryant items on the sports memorabilia market.

Written by Matt Loede

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