Australian Woman Tries To Pick Up Dog Toy, Turns Out To Be Tasmanian Devil

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A woman in Australia got quite the scare after she mistook a Tasmanian devil that had gotten into her house for a dog toy.

This could be the most Australian story of all time…

Kirsten Lynch and her family live in Hobart. In case you’re not up to speed on Australian geography (why not?), it’s the capital city of the island of Tasmania. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Tasmania is home to a fair number of Tasmanian devils.

The carnivorous marsupials that call the island inspired the Looney Tunes character of the same name. Although, the don’t spin quite as much.

Lynch was upstairs when at 10 pm one evening when her four-month-old golden retriever made an unusual noise. Being the responsible dog owner, Lynch went downstairs to investigate and found a dog toy on the ground.

However, when she went to grab it, this toy scampered under her couch.

“I went to reach for it and the devil shot underneath the couch,” Lynch told Australia’s ABC News. “I got a fright of my life, I woke the whole family up. This little Tasmanian devil was hiding underneath my couch.”

Lynch said that sometimes she leaves her door open for her dog and thinks that’s when her unexpected visitor made itself comfortable.

I’d say that’s probably a good guess.

The problem with discovering a Tasmanian devil in your house is that the next task is removing that Tasmanian devil.

“At one stage we had the whole family standing on the dining room table while my husband was trying to chase the poor thing out with a broom,” Lynch said.

The Lynch family eventually managed to chase the unhurt marsupial intruder back into the wild.

This situation always lives in my head. I’ve mindlessly picked up dog toys so many times, I know one day I won’t be paying attention and one of those toys will have teeth.

Good to hear the Lynch family and the Tasmanian came out of this little incident unscathed

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