Australian Rules Football Player’s Girlfriend Is Caught After Daring Quarantine Infiltration

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Australian rugby player Elijah Taylor, 19, has been suspended for the remainder of the Australian Football League season after his 18-year-old girlfriend Lekahni Pearce broke through a team quarantine. Two of Taylor’s Aussie rules football teammates turned in the couple for breaking the bubble rules and now Taylor is paying the price with a season-ending suspension.

According to Australian media reports, Pearce “crossed a golf course and jumped two fences” to bust into the Sydney Swans bubble where she rendezvoused with Taylor.  Channel 7 Australia caught up with Pearce who didn’t seem to remember jumping fences. “No security, I didn’t see a security guard,” she told the TV station. “I just walked through, went to his room. That’s how easy it was. I didn’t jump any fences.”

The entire get together for Taylor and Pearce lasted eight hours before teammates found out their bubble had been compromised by an Instagram model. Both teenagers have apologized for their bubble-bursting actions, but that’s not enough for some people out there like Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan who is furious over the actions of, in his eyes, selfish teenagers.

“The Swans have let us down, the AFL has let us down. We’re disappointed in both organisations.

“I expect the players were warned and warned and warned and warned … they should have listened, but the AFL told us this wouldn’t happen so obviously I’m disappointed in them as well.”

It was just a matter of time before an Instagram model jumped a fence to be with her athlete. The woman who tried to sneak past Seattle Seahawks hotel security while trying to look like a Seahawks player could learn a few things from Ms. Pearce.

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