Australian Football Club Researching To See If Its Bombers Logo – A Drawing Of A Plane – Is ‘Offensive’

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Essendon, an Australian rules football club, is known as the Bombers and has long had a logo that features a simple drawing of an aircraft. Apparently, drawings of planes can be seen as offensive, and the club is now conducting a research project into the logo.

According to the Herald Sun, Essendon will ask fans whether they think the aircraft logo is “offensive.” The club has had the logo and nickname since 1940, but we’re living in 2023 and if enough people find something offensive, well, it’s gotta go.


The current logo design features the bomber aircraft was created in 1997 and the aviation link comes from the club’s proximity to Melbourne Airport.

Australian Football Club Won’t Remove ‘Bombers,’ At Least Not Yet

According to Essendon club president Dave Barham, this so-called “research project” is in its early phase, and for the time being, the club has no plans to change its logo or nickname.

“There is no immediate action to change the club logo or any elements of the club brand. This is a longer-term project with significant work to be completed,” Barham said.

“We proudly recognize that our future legacy begins with our proud history. We will always be called the Bombers.”

Careful, Mr. Barham, you opened the door for the easily offended to have their voices heard, promising that the club will always be called the Bombers is a very bold statement this day and age.

Written by Mark Harris

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