Australia And Fiji Rugby Players Share Post-Match Prayer, Sing Hymns Together

The Fiji and Australia national rugby teams squared off in a brutal, 80-minute match at the League World Cup in north England over the weekend. Despite Australia winning the match 42-8, both sides came together after the match to share a prayer and sing a hymn.


It was an unbelievable scene of sportsmanship, and somehow you very rarely ever see in major sports around the world.

Australia’s Latrell Mitchell was emotional after the match as he joined the prayer circle.

“What [Fiji] do in their culture is all about spreading that good energy, making sure that we’re safe on our journey, and they’re safe on their journey,” Mitchell told the Sydney Morning Herald. “It was awesome that they did that for us. That passion, it honestly made me tear up, because I closed my eyes and started thinking about my family back home, and that’s what they do.

“They’re a very passionate people, and I love when that stuff is shared. It made me connect to my people and my home. That’s what [international rugby] means, that’s that passion, and I love it.”

Powerful, powerful stuff.

Written by Mark Harris

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