Austin Peay Cheerleading Hazing Investigation Details Revealed: ‘Blindfolded’ Partying, ‘Underage Drinking’ & Beer Runs In Orlando

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The results of an investigation into cheerleading hazing allegations at Austin Peay University are in and paint a picture of underage drinking, blindfolded cheerleaders who were drinking and some who were served punishments of “standing in a corner on one leg,” according to documents obtained by The Leaf-Chronicle.

Investigators say a two-night event in Orlando at a January Universal Cheerleaders Association College Nationals turned into a bash that led to the suspension of the cheerleading team. Spirit coordinator Maurice Grant was fired for his part in the bash where cheerleaders (the mascot wasn’t involved) were allegedly “given the keys of the van to buy alcohol.”

Ok, so what did this hazing look like? Parents want to know. Readers want to know. Social media wants to know.

Austin Peay cheerleading coach Maurice Grant, who has been fired, is specifically named in the APSU internal investigation into hazing and underage drinking on the team. The cheerleading program has been reinstated by the school and a new coach will be hired to lead the program. / Twitter / Getty Images

Based on the documents obtained, Austin Peay State University investigators determined:

“Cheer team participated in ‘G&O’ nights. Both nights were required attendance by coaching staff. On G night, cheer members [redacted] were blindfolded, given something to drink (they were told it wasn’t alcohol) and asked a series of questions (regarding the) history of APSU. [Redacted] but was reported a lot of them were vomiting afterwards. All cheer members were then driven to an alumni’s house to drink and party.

“On O night, which was at an assistant coach’s house, but no coaches were present, cheer members had to memorize and recite chants/phrases. Failure to do it completely and accurately resulted in punishments to including standing in a corner on one leg, holding a stack of books one handed above the head, etc. until they could complete the task. Afterward, there was drinking involved.”

The school did note that “the hazing and the alcohol usage are not connected(.)”

That’s it?


The investigation also reveals that the cheerleaders went drinking at Epcot and drove a van back to the team’s hotel. An unnamed coach gave one of the cheerleaders the keys to the van to go on a beer run to bring supplies back to the hotel. “Coach then invited certain members of the team to come to his room to drink — some were minors,” the report continues.

The school says the cheer team will now remain suspended until new leadership (they want someone who doesn’t have ties to the school) is hired. Cheerleaders (APSU notes there are “several members” who didn’t party with the coach) who want to return to the program are encouraged to attend new tryouts.

And there will be new hazing prevention training in the fall for coaches and students.

APSU isn’t alone in the hazing allegation department. In December, the Sam Houston State cheerleading team was barred by the school from competing in a national competition over the complaints.

And in October, the Virginia State Woo Woos cheerleading team was suspended from participating at football games over hazing allegations.

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