Auburn Hits New Low: Bama Wins Iron Bowl T-Shirts Already Designed

Things are bad on the Plains.

Auburn can’t beat anyone. Jonna Chizik has blamed the devil for Auburn’s losses. No one even bothers to go to the games anymore. Even Cam Newton’s bag man is giving away his tickets. No one is all in.

Did the Tigers play “All I Do Is Win,” on the jumbotron after the New Mexico State game?

Just curious.  

As the Tigers limp toward a road game in the Iron Bowl, it’s likely that the win differential between 11-0 Bama and 3-8 Auburn will be the greatest since 1950.

Yep, the vast majority of the people who go to the Iron Bowl this year will have never been to a bigger rivalry mismatch in their lives.  

Vegas has set the line at Bama -35.

But, it’s a rivalry game, anything can happen, right?


T-shirt companies have already designed winning shirts for Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

OKTC was emailed these shirts which are ready for the beat down.

Now, it’s common practice for t-shirt companies to get ready for big game weeks by designing winning t-shirts.

But nearly a month in advance?

Don’t worry Auburn fans, at least in the t-shirt design you’re given credit for 34 points.

Maybe the t-shirt company is expecting Bobby Petrino to coach?

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.