Social Media Mob Attempts To ‘Cancel’ Herschel Walker After He Rejects Notion of Reparations

NFL legend Herschel Walker argued against reparations for black Americans at a February 17 hearing, and his statement has infuriated Twitter. Go figure.

“Slavery ended 130 years ago,” Walker said in the virtual hearing.

As you can imagine, fake-profile-picture Twitter had an outrage meltdown:

Apparently Twitter is, again, up in arms about Walker’s comment because of his alleged “upbringing.” They are now trying to decipher whether Herschel grew up rich. It’s funny how social media works these days. Apparently, we determine whether people have valid points of view based on their upbringing.

If you’re white, you can do nothing but cower. If you’re black, you’re not only supposed to be appalled by anecdotal cases of racism, but you must agree on how to fix the “problem.” Now that Herschel Walker has proven he’s unafraid to think for himself, he’s no longer black. The left can’t control him, so he must go.

Cancel culture is being used once again to instill fear in anyone willing to push back on victim mentality.

Weaponizing fear

Herschel Walker and everyone he inspires are the enemy of modern day liberalism. Liberals in 2021 deliver a message that is polar opposite of the message they gave when the movement began. It’s basically a closed-minded cult-like mentality that claims that anyone who disagrees about almost anything they support is the problem.

Luckily for America, Herschel Walker, a real American whom everyone should love, isn’t backing down. You don’t have to agree with his politics to appreciate his ability to think on his own.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Hey Gary,
    I love Herschel Walker and his clear-thinking on any number of issues. I liked him first when he signed with the New Jersey Generals (USFL) after a Heisman-winning career at UGA.
    Hopefully he’ll maintain a high profile, and hopefully he’ll be able to impact policy at a high level in the future, either in Congress or in a future Republican administration.
    Cheers !

  2. The year is 2021. It’s difficult to imagine something that would set back race relations more than sticking it to people who had nothing to do with slavery or Jim Crow. (This includes Asians & Hispanics).

    BLM’s are already allowed to smash up buildings and loot stores free of consequence. What more do they want ??

    • Is that the same Gators that kicked the living crap out of your hapless Bulldogs last year? Gator Nation resides in the middle of a giant beautiful red state with an awesome Republican Governor and two awesome Republican Senators!! Bulldog Nation is a 100% blue state progressive Senators Rino Governored sack of Democratic crap except for Herschel!! Enjoy your life as a worthless piece of liberal turd in a nasty ass state!! p.s.- please send Herschel to Florida as we would gladly take him!!

  3. Ever see a race of people that are just never happy if they are not about looting and burning assaulting people they are wanting more freebies . They should listen to people such as Herschel Walker or the great Jim Brown on how to live a good productive life not the race hustlers like Sharpton types.

  4. Good one Gary. You should do a follow up on Herschel’s background story. He was a short, weak, pudgy kid who was bullied in primary school. By the 6th grade he’d begun (his now famous) regimen of push-ups, sit-ups, and sprints. The rest is history. Herschel is truly a great American.

  5. Aren’t they being racist by attacking Herschel since he’s a black man and all? I can’t even keep up anymore, literally the use of racism is so overplayed it has no meaning anymore unless you let it. Keep up the good work Sheff Jr.

    • No meaning at all. This faux outrage, cancel culture will eat everyone and everything in its path. Any semblance of wisdom and sanity is gone from mainstream culture. Social media is the blob and has ruined the world

  6. Repeat after me: they are not liberals. They are leftists, Marxists, even fascists. They are as far from liberal as a filet mignon is from a turd. It’s is well past time to “cancel” or simply ignore the screaming nincompoops on social media, or cancel social media altogether. Life will not end and you will feel much better, more confident and “courageous”, and healthier.

  7. The whole reparations movement is nothing but a confidence game – an attempt to extract more free stuff from the productive class. There are more decedents of post Civil War black immigrants and actual immigrants in the US than decedents of slaves. I’d love to see our corrupt, inept government administer a program that rightly determines who gets what.

  8. This whole cancel culture is nothing but a bullshit bluff that slowly, but surely, is starting to get called out. Reparations is part of this. The left knows this isn`t going to happen. They`re just counting on the white guilt to get it done for them. Just need to keep sticking our middle finger right in there face and tell them to fuck off.

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